So WHAT do we do?

Well we offer opportunities to play netball. We help you to find teams and clubs to join, no matter which school you attend. We help you find the right pathway for you, whether that’s the most fun team to play with because netball socials rank high on the list of priorities as well as those who aim to play at the highest level and maybe for their country one day.

You can learn to play from 5 years old and you can learn to get better at any age with our coaching classes and workshops.

You can learn to officiate and join our army of umpires who can be seen at all leagues, whistle in hand proudly displaying their knowledge of the rules and keeping players safe and the game fair.

You can learn to coach and join us in sharing the fun of netball and find out what it’s like to lead a team to victory, to manage the highs and lows of competition and to revel in players newly mastered skills.

You can take part in events; from the glittering fun of the annual Tinsel Tourney to workshops with global netball superstars who all share the same passion of sharing their love of the game.

For most of us, the netball court is where lifelong friends are made in our home away from home.

Netball is our life and Active Netball is HOW we make it part of yours.