An awesome team all nuts about netball…

Rosalin keeps everyone in check and makes sure our leagues run to time, bills are paid and paperwork is in place. She is basically in charge of us all and your main point of contact for all bookings.

Emily coaches from Tots to Teens and leads the Step Into Coach education programme. She plays for a team called Magic (and they really are magical) as well as the UAE Falcons but her heart lies in ‘player well-being’ and ‘player progression’ and she leads an exceptional Elite Coaching Team delivering the outstanding Athlete Development Programme, EPP.

Dani is our resident official. She loves rules and knows how to apply them. She leads an army of umpires through their paces and manages beginners through to advanced umpires across all leagues. She is there, every step of the way, nurturing and guiding and setting high standards.

Susanne just loves netball and all that it brings to her life and the lives of the people around her. She gets involved in playing and umpiring and planning but most of all growing and developing netball. “There is always a challenge and I love finding the solutions to ensure anyone and everyone gets to be involved the game we love”

Deb played for England and currently heads up all UAE coaching squads. She is passionate, driven and has an unrivalled ability to make sessions fun yet challenging!

Carly played for Wales and is current Captain of the UAE Falcons and the best mid court player in the UAE. She is young and talented and shares her unrivalled experience with our athletes.

Hannah comes from a netball family who have lived and breathed netball for years. She is an exceptional player and coach and was team captain for her club and university. Since coming to Dubai she has also been internationally capped with the UAE Falcons.

Megan also has netball running through her veins as both mum and dad coach netball back in the UK. A strong defender sharing her “I’m getting that ball at any cost” attitude adds to our plethora of fab coaches. Oh and she too is internationally capped with UAE Falcons.

Ellie represented England as a young teenager and currently plays GA for top ranked Phoenix in the Premier League. New to our Elite Coaching Team she comes with a solid coaching background through UK based VSNL team Northern Thunder.

Caitlin, Claire & Molly were all internationally capped with the U17 Eyas Squad in 2022. These three join the Elite coaching team to share their talent with our youngest Elite athletes who have trialled to gain a place on our programme. They have been through the Elite programme themselves and are keen to ‘give back’ to possible future Eyasses and Falcons.

These talented individuals are all paying it forward and that just about sums up Active Netball.